Pain and pleasure drives all human behavior.  The need to avoid pain and to receive pleasure, are instinctive.  Primitive actions like getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, is derived from the pain / pleasure syndrome. It is our general make up as human beings.  

It will be very difficult to stay a non smoker if quitting the cigarettes is a painful process. Eliminating the pain and enjoying the process is the key to quitting.  Smokers look for the perfect time to quit, when everything is going great and the stress factor is low.  In all honesty, this time will never come.  There are always a thousand reason why not to stop smoking especially when the habit is an enjoyable one.  

Once you take the treatment, the amazement that come form the realization you get once the addiction cycle is broken and the dependency you had for nicotine is gone, is that this once past pleasurable habit was indeed not pleasurable at all. To avoid the pain of withdrawal, you defend your addiction.  It is because of the unpleasant experiences in the past associated with your numerous attempts to quit smoking that makes you think that smoking is a monumental task.  With us, it does not have to be that traumatic.  Our doctors will show you how to enjoy the process while eliminating the pain of withdrawal. 


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