The Stop Smoking Shot has been used with various formulations since the 1980′s. It was formulated by a doctor who noticed that his surgical patients didn’t want to smoke for several days after surgery when they had been administered a particular combination of medications. The formula that we use today was issued a U.S. patent and is similar to the original but it has been re-formulated to be compatible with more modern medications. 
How many visits are required to take the treatment? 
The treatment requires only a one-time visit to our doctor’s office.

How long does the treatment take? 
The entire process takes about two hours of your time.

Why do I need a driver to take me home after my treatment?
The combination of medications that we administer at the clinic is very strong and will cause you to be impaired following treatment. You must not drive for a period of 12 hours after treatment or longer if you are still feeling the effects of the medication.

Is the Welplex shot safe?
Yes. The medications in the Welplex formula have been in use in many different applications since the 1800′s. The Welplex shot has been administered to thousands of patients nationwide and has been proven to be both safe and effective. 

Is the Welplex shot FDA approved?
All medications in the Welplex formula of medications are individually FDA approved for other uses. We use the combination of medications in a method that is termed “off label”. Doctors often prescribe medications for use other than what they were originally FDA approved for. For instance, many physicians tell patients to take aspirin to help prevent heart problems. Aspirin was not FDA approved for this use but was used in an “off-label” manner.

What medications are in the Welplex shot and how does it work?
Atropine and Scopolamine are the primary medications in the Welplex shot. More detailed information is available on the “For Physicians” page on this web site. The medication is designed to block nicotinic receptors so that you won’t experience common nicotine withdrawal symptoms during the time that it takes for Nicotine and it’s byproducts to leave your system.

Can anyone take the Welplex shot?
The Welplex shot can be administered to people between the ages of 18 and 70 regardless of how long they have smoked. People who can’t take the Welplex shot include people who are pregnant or nursing, people with conditions that include prostatic hypertrophy, narrow angle glaucoma, cardiac arrhythmia, or serious liver disease. People who are taking certain psychotropic medications for conditions such as schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder or people who are taking high doses of pain medications may not be eligible for treatment. Clinic counselors will be able to discuss specific conditions and medications with you when you call.

Why do I have to take follow-up medication?
Two weeks of follow-up medication is prescribed with the Welplex treatment to continue the blocking affects of the injection. The medication from the injection starts to metabolize in your body and needs a boost 12 hours following treatment. You will be given two different medications that are tailored to your particular medical needs and these must be taken as prescribed for the full two weeks. These medications keep your receptors blocked so that you will not have to experience physical withdrawals from Nicotine.

Why is my follow-up mediation only taken for two weeks?
It takes Nicotine approximately 3-4 days to leave your body. It can take up to two weeks for other Nicotine related substances that can cause withdrawals to leave your body. After two weeks, there should be nothing left in your body to cause withdrawals. Your physical dependency to Nicotine is over.

How will I feel after my treatment at the clinic?
Most patients feel very sleepy after treatment. The effect is usually immediate but sometimes takes a little longer to kick in. Medication affects everyone differently. The medication can cause jittery feelings or bizarre behavior and hallucinations in a small percentage of patients. We give you medicine to help you sleep on the day you are treated in case you are someone who does not become drowsy. These feelings and behaviors are usually gone by the morning after treatment. It is always a good idea to have someone with you after treatment to assist you at home, especially if you have small children.

What happens if I smoke after my treatment?
Smoking opens receptors that will lead to addiction. You must not smoke again after your treatment, not even one puff. If you smoke again you will need to be retreated. Call the clinic immediately and speak with a counselor if you smoke.

Is this treatment guaranteed?
We offer a one year re-treatment guarantee on the Welplex treatment. If you smoke again for any reason after your initial treatment we will re-treat you for the cost of an office visit plus your follow-up medication.

What should I do if I find myself wanting to smoke?
People who have smoked for many years have both an emotional and psychological attachment to cigarettes in addition to their physical addiction. It is very important that you follow the advice given at the clinic for changing your routines, modifying your daily behaviors and letting go emotionally. Everyone has triggers for smoking and your mind has to be retrained to bypass those triggers and reset behavioral patterns. You must realize that there is a difference between wanting a cigarette and needing one. The medication in the shot and the follow-up pills will not allow your body to need Nicotine to feel normal. Self-discipline is required to deal with not allowing your mind to convince you that having a cigarette because you want one is OK. Clinic counselors are available 7 days a week to assist you and offer advice for dealing with situations that might cause you to want to smoke.

Why am I feeling irritable and out of sorts after quitting?
Anxiety is a perfectly normal emotional reaction to quitting smoking. Most patients deal with anxiety by distracting themselves with pleasant activities such as exercise, pampering, or a fun hobby. Approximately 20 percent of patients that we treat experience a level of anxiety that makes them uncomfortable. We have medications available that our physician may choose to prescribe if your anxiety becomes disruptive to your success. It is very important to call the clinic if you have questions about dealing with anxiety after quitting smoking.

Does this treatment work for other forms of Nicotine Addiction?

Yes. The physical addiction to Nicotine is virtually the same despite the way that the drug was administered. We treat patients who chew, dip, smoke pipes and cigars, and even people who are addicted to the Nicotine gums, patches and nasal sprays.

Is the Welplex treatment an easy way to quit smoking?
There is no easy way to quit smoking. The Welplex treatment addresses all aspects of your addiction to Nicotine. The medication that we administer blocks nicotinic receptors so that you can’t experience physical withdrawal, physical urges or physical cravings. We teach you how to change your habits and behaviors but you have to accept responsibility for incorporating those changes into your life. We can’t make you not smoke again if you choose to. The Welplex treatment makes quitting smoking easier because the physical need for Nicotine is no longer a part of the process. It is much easier to quit when you are not experiencing the agony of physical withdrawal. Counselors provide support and advice to help you over the rough spots and cheer your success. Ultimately it is your responsibility to not smoke again but Welplex makes it easier.


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