Employees who are smokers are less healthier and less productive than employees who do not smoke.  Employees who smoke are absent from work on an average from 15 to 20 days more than those who are non smokers.   Smoke breaks allowed to smokers are not only seen as unfair to fellow non smoking coworkers but they are disruptive and most definitely take time away from their work.

We provide corporate programs for companies that want to promote a smoke free workforce.  It is a proven fact that those who do not smoke, spend more working, doing their job and less time in smoking environments or at home being sick.   Premiums for health insurance are much lower for everyone when the companies they work for, have a smoke free work force. 

The corporate program we offer, provides substantial discounts for employees who want to quit smoking.  We have    different programs currently available, however, the rates differ depending on the number of persons the employer wishes to have participate. 

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