It only takes one visit to our office

to stop the cravings and urges to smoke. 


The medications we administer

immediately goes into effect

and block the feelings that are

associated with the lack of smoking.


In the 1700’s, nicotine was introduced into Europe by the Spaniards. Since that introduction, medical science has offered very little for effectively dealing and combating the nicotine addiction. Controlled devices such as acupuncture, hypnosis, nicotine replacement systems, aversion therapy, a large variety of herbal solutions and antidepressants have been attempted. All of these devices have had very little, if any, therapeutic efficacy and the recidivism has been high.

Nicotine addiction has its challenges. The psychological aspect of this addiction is that the physical dependency for nicotine is reinforced. This is caused by nerve transmitters that are intercepted by the nicotine. Nicotine has similar chemical components to acetyl-choline, a neurotransmitter. The body uses a process of tolerance to try to overcome the nicotine’s fight for the receptor sites.

The RA Stop Smoking Clinics are medical facilities that treat Tobacco Dependency Disorder.  Our team consists of physicians and healthcare professionals who use the most effective and the latest smoking cessation techniques currently available, to treat our patents, helping them overcome the habit of smoking.




Our treatment is the complete opposite of the nicotine based systems such as gums or patches that replaces the intake of nicotine from the cigarettes by using other methods to put the nicotine back in the smoker’s body.  Our method, the Anticholinergic Block Method, helps the body’s chemistry go back to that of a person who does not smoke.  We believe that breaking the nicotine addiction is hard enough as it is, so why add into the body, more nicotine from other sources. We do not use toxic nicotine.  We use medically safe medications that are non-addictive (i.e., scopolamine and atropine) that are administered in one treatment. These medications block the receptor sites and eliminate them.




Treatment methods involving patches, pills, and pharmaceuticals often leaves the addict with strong temptations and urges to continue their habit.  Some of the symptoms that are associated with the withdrawal and lack of nicotine e.g. the strong cravings, the headaches, the irritability, the restlessness, the lightheadedness and the lack of focus, makes it hard and almost impossible to quit.  Our method, the Anticholinergic Block method, completely eliminates the above withdrawal symptoms.  This gives our patients, the smoker, a much better chance at succeeding.  Eight out of every ten patients quit their smoking habit using our method.  Our success rate rates higher than any of the current prescribed or over the counter medication.




A very specific behavioral modification approach is use at our doctor’s office.  This is also a part of the treatment.  Over the past 25 years, the steps have been developed and modified and they include the best components of standard behavioral practices.  The approach we use was specifically developed for smoking cessation.  Patients are taught to understand these techniques and how to apply them in their normal day to day lives.  Our patients actually welcome and enjoy their transition from smoker to non smoker.




The two techniques we use, removing the desire for nicotine and changing the habits that are emotional, are the two key components that make our treatment essential for those patients who want to stop smoking.  This protocol has the lowest  recidivism rate with the highest success rate.


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