The Welplex treatment only takes one visit to our doctor’s office.

With one visit, we can eliminate your cravings and urges to smoke a cigarette. The reason this treatment works and others fail is simply because our doctors administer medications that immediately go into effect and block the strong cravings and urges to smoke.  One comparison we make is that of food consumption.  When you are hungry, you eat. The food consumed, goes directly to your stomach and the hunger or want for food stops. The medications the doctor administers, travels directly to the parts of the body nicotine affects and your cravings are stopped.

When you smoke a cigarette, you put nicotine into your body along with many other harmful drugs. Chemical disturbances are created and a dependency at the nicotine receptor sites occurs.  Much like a radio signal, these disturbances sends increased messages to the brain.  The signal gets broken and interrupted when you don’t have a cigarette, because the nicotine in the bloodstream becomes low.  You can’t think straight, you get nervous, and anxious. When the reception of your station isn’t coming in clear and loud, you get irritable and lightheaded. The cravings become strong and you must have a cigarette to feel normal.  This is an Addiction.

At our doctor’s office, the medication we use are non addictive. They travel straight to the receptor sites and completely satisfy the body’s appetite for nicotine.  By doing so, the receptor sites are blocked, therefore the cravings and urges to have a cigarette are gone, leaving you without the nasty withdrawal symptoms that are associated with quitting smoking.

When you make your appointment and come into our clinic or doctor’s office, you will be given a detailed and complete explanation of our program.  We will make clear to you as to how the nicotine addiction takes place and how the medicines we use in the Welplex treatment blocks the nicotine receptor sites and instantly removes the cravings and urges to smoking cigarettes.

The program we offer is quite unique. We do not use nasal sprays, gums, lasers or the nicotine patches. We definitely do not use antidepressants such as Zyban.  We do not use alternative approaches such as biofeedback, acupuncture or hypnosis. Your medication is given in the form of an injection.  After receiving the tiny injections, immediately, you will start to see results.  Your cravings and the urges for tobacco will be gone. You will also feel a bit lightheaded like you had just smoked from fifteen to twenty cigarettes, one after the other. This is the reason why we do not permit our patients to drive themselves home after receiving the treatment.

The next morning after the treatment, when you wake up, the only affect you will notice is a lack of desire to have a cigarette. Please note that nicotine itself takes approximately three days to leave the body however the physical withdrawal of quitting smoking can last from one to two weeks. The doctor that treated you, will give you a prescription for medications that will prolong the treatment received in the clinic.  The take home medications will insure that the treatment does not wear off until your addiction is gone.

This treatment takes place in the privacy of the doctor’s office and will take from one to one and a half hours of your time.  The Welplex treatment has the highest success rate known to medical science.  We see 89% success rate at the two month duration, and we completely stand behind the treatment for an entire year. Once we have taken the physical withdrawal symptoms away form you, the behavioral aspects then become easy.  The behavioral therapy that was developed for the Welplex treatment, addresses the psychological challenges faced by smokers.

The Welplex treatment not only addresses the physical aspects of nicotine addiction, its places emphasis on the behavioral aspects as well.  If you do not smoke for a while, does not make you a non smoker.  We all know of smokers who have quit the habit for a period of time and have returned to their old ways of smoking again.  At the clinic you will be taught a process that ensures that this does not happen to you.

It is a known fact that human behavior is driven by either pain or pleasure.  This is the motivation for each and every thing we do.  For example, even a visceral function like getting up in the night to go to the toilet, is derived from the same pleasure or pain syndrome. Since stopping the smoking habit represents some aspect of emotional and or physical pain, it will be difficult to deal with.  We have developed through the Welplex treatment, a three step process that makes breaking the habit easy.

At the clinic, we show our patients how to replace the emotional aspects of the addiction. This process teaches patients how to change their emotional and physical routines.  It also shows how to reinforce the new behaviors with emotional and physical pleasure. This ensures that the new changes will last.

New behaviors learned, that are reinforced, will become, over time, very strong.  Behaviors that are not reinforced, will over time, weaken.  According to B. F. Skinner, a behavioral scientist, new habits can be created after repeating the behavior approximately twenty one times.  In three weeks, you will see the results of a newer and healthier you, a newer and healthier lifestyle, completely free from the chains of the smoking addiction.

When you come into the doctor’s office, before the treatment is administered, you will have to undergo some necessary medical testing.  This will give the doctor an idea of your state of health and will also ensure the overall safety of the procedure.   You will be given a Pulmonary Lung Function Test, an EKG and a Physical Examination by the doctor.

Please contact us via email or telephone regarding any questions you may have about the Welplex treatment.  We make quitting smoking easier that it has ever been before. We look forward to seeing you soon.

On behalf of our staff, dedicated healthcare providers and our physicians, we wish you the very best in your endeavor to eliminate the nicotine dependency from your life!


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